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  Otto I +1305 Waldeck
  Heinrich IV 1290-1344 Waldeck
  Mathilde 1320-1357
1e spouse of Otto II
  Margarethe +1381 Lowenberg (or von Itter), 2e spouse of Otto II
  Philipp IV                                                        (cenotaph and gravestone) 1493-1574 Waldeck
  Daniel                                                            (cenotaph and gravestone) 1530-1577 Waldeck
  Barbara 1536-1597
spouse (1) Georg (1498-1558) Württemberg
spouse (2)of Daniel
  Moritz 1611-1617 Waldeck  
  Gabriel 1621-1624 Waldeck  
  Christian I 1585-1637 Waldeck  
  Elisabeth 1584-1661
spouse of Christian I
  ??? ???    
  Philipp VI 1613-1645   Waldeck  
  Alexandrine Henriette 1668-1668   Waldeck  
24 sarcophags are in 1962 moved from the Stadtkirche, Bad Wildungen
  Charlotte Elisabeth 1659-1660 probably Waldeck  
  Eleonore Luise 1661-1661 probably Waldeck  
  Wilhelm Philipp 1662-1662 probably Waldeck  
  Charlotte Dorothea 1663-1664 probably Waldeck  
  Sophie Wilhelmine 1666-1668 probably Waldeck  
  Maximilian Friedrich 1667-1668 probably Waldeck  
  Wilhelm Gustav 1668-1669 probably Waldeck  
  Karl 1674-1674 probably Waldeck  
  Wilhelm August 1675-1676 probably Waldeck  
  Marie Henriette 1676-1678 probably Waldeck  
  Karl Gustav 1659-1678 probably Waldeck  
  Johann Wolrad 1691-1691 probably Waldeck  
  Josias 1689-1693 probably Waldeck  
  Henriette Albertine 1695-1699 probably Waldeck  
  Friedrich Wilhelm 1699-1703 probably Waldeck  
  stillborn son 1709-1709 probably Waldeck-Pyrmont  
  Friederike Magdalena 1702-1713 probably Waldeck-Pyrmont  
  Johann Wilhelm 1708-1713 probably Waldeck-Pyrmont  
  Joseph 1715-1719 probably Waldeck-Pyrmont  
  Christian Philipp 1701-1728 probably Waldeck-Pyrmont  
  Friedrich Anton Ulrich 1676-1728   Waldeck-Pyrmont  
  Heinrich Georg 1683-1736   Waldeck  
  Luise 1678-1753   Palts am Rhein, spouse of Friedrich Anton Ulrich  
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